The Leaflet Company

Environmental Policy

The Leaflet Company’s policy, is as far as reasonably practicable to provide and maintain an environmental awareness approach to the purchase and disposal of all materials used by this company in carrying out its daily business. Products already in use are regularly reviewed against new products introduced to the market which may have a greater bearing on environmental issues. Where ever practicable existing products are substituted for more environmentally friendly materials.

The Leaflet Company is ISO14001 certified and is committed to an EMS (Environmental Management System) that strives for continual improvement.

The Leaflet Company, through the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) was represented on the steering committee that developed, in conjunction with, DEFRA (The government Department for the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs), the DMA and The Royal Mail, the voluntary Direct Marketing environment specification, PAS2020. Through its association, The Leaflet Company is committed to encouraging its clients to engage with the specification with the objective of being certified.

Our environmental policy is complemented by our COSHH and Health & Safety policies. These policies are under constant review as new legislation is introduced to meet with the requirements of environmental issues.